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Phthalate Free Fragrances

This is a comprehensive list of phthalate-free fragrances & their descriptions, but not all of them are ALWAYS available.  Available options are on each products' drop-down selection, if it says "Limited Stock," it is a scent that is regularly offered, but has a limited amount of beads cured & ready to make a freshie - so, it could mean that if I don't have enough beads to complete your order, there may be an additional week turnaround time, or I'll contact you to change your selection.  I will normally reach out via text or email to see how you'd like to proceed, if I can’t reach you or I don't have time to reach out, I reserve the right to substitute with a similar scent.  "Out of Stock" is temporarily out of stock - the lead time could be 2+ weeks.


A Thousand Wishes | BBW-type - a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème.

Apple Cider Donut - An apple cider accord which blends with a fried donut character. The fragrance has a spicy cinnamon accord which rests on a sweet, sugary vanilla base with tonka bean and musk.

Argan Magic – A sheer floral accord with ripe red fruit tones and warmed with exotic woods.  Top – orange, ripe red fruit.  Middle – sheer floral, exotic woods, rosemary.

Baja Cactus Blossom | BBW-type - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun-kissed coconut and soft woods.

Banana Cabana | BBW-type - Sun-kissed banana, ripe coconut, pinna colada sea spray, velvet rose, milky sands Warm vanilla, sweet breeze accord, tropical musk.

Barber Shop - Musk blended with a fresh & clean aroma

Barrel-aged Maple Bourbon - Strong, bold notes of dark maple that are complemented with hints of aged bourbon, cedarwood, vanilla, and lemon.

Barn Wood | BBW-type - Fresh cedar wood gets spicy accents for warm, welcoming appeal in this rustic creation.  Earthy tones of patchouli and a hint of rich leather create country accents.  Sandalwood is sweetened with exotic amber and soft mosses at the bast of the scent, while clean musk surrounds the woody creation. An earthy and strong woody blend.

Berry Flirt BBW-type - Bright grapefruit accents this fruity floral blend that features a heart of white flowers and red berries. Sensual wood tones and natural green accents add texture to the blend as a base of sugared coconut and clear musk creates rich sweet undertones.

Birthday Cake - Resembles a mouthwatering, moist vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting.

Black Cherry - Ripe cherry sweetened by peach and vanilla.

Black Coconut | Yankee Candle-type - Sunset in coconut, star anise, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility.

Black Ice | Little Tree-type - Clean, and citrusy fresh top notes with middle notes of Lavender. Lily of the valley & jasmine finished off with added touch of mossy, woody, musky and ambergris bottom notes.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Creamy scent of vanilla blended with the sweet and juicy scent of raspberry.

Black Sea - Succulent plum intertwines with sweet florals and salty oceanic ozone for a bold, rich accord. Notes of vanilla and amber linger in the background to complete this unique fragrance. 

Blackberry Frankincense - Top notes of blackberries and lemon with mid notes of fresh ozone and frankincense on a dry base of amber and light musk.  Note: it definitely has a cinnamon-type scent.

Blue Hawaiian - Tropical dreams unfold as this fruity delight lifts the senses. Fresh orange and juicy lemon balance with sweet maraschino cherry to open the blend. Tangy pineapple tones are accented with hints of acai berry while lush green highlights create a dramatic effect. Sweet coconut creates velvety base notes as a fresh ozone accord surrounds the tropical treat with breezy notes.

Blue Hydrangea - The fragrant aroma of a fresh blooming hydrangea.

Blue Moon Ice Cream or Fruity Pebbles - Lemon, cake and other fruits make this wonderful mix of fresh breakfast cereal or blue moon ice cream in a waffle cone.

Bluebonnet - A floral blend of peach, bergamot, and white berries with a floral heart of bluebonnet flower, rose, and Ylang on a dry bed of clove buds and musk.

Bow Tie + Bourbon | BBW-type - Dark oak, bergamot, hint of bourbon.

Boyfriend - a men's cologne scent.

Buttercream - A sweet and creamy blend of coconut and butter, geranium, rose, clove buds, ylang, and musk.

Cactus + Sea Salt - Bright watery cactus and fresh sea salt combine to create a clean, fresh aroma with background hints of soothing musk and light floral under notes. 

Caribbean Escape | BBW-type - An island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon and creamy coconut.

Cashmere - A warm, herbal musky fragrance with a light musk base woven with notes of sandalwood, creamy vanilla and patchouli, with top notes of mandarin and lime to create a sophisticated blend.

Cashmere Woods | Glade-type - a lush woody fragrance with cedar wood, amber, musk and vanilla.

Champagne Toast | BBW-type - Effervescent top notes of mixed berries and apple boosted by juicy tangerine with green floral lily and sweet vanilla bottom notes.

Cherry Vanilla - A delectable blend of tart wild cherry and creamy vanilla.

Cinnamon Stick - The aroma of the classic raw cinnamon stick enhanced with notes of nutmeg and ginger complete with base notes of vanilla and sugar.

Clean Cotton - The clean scent of freshly folded laundry with a touch of green floral tones and citrus.

Coastal – Sparkling nectarine, cool ozone, rocky Coastline, wild violets, beach juniper, palm leaves, sea moss, crystal amber, teakwood.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere - A warm, intriguing fragrance that combines sweet cocoa butter and coconut. Elegant under notes of cedar wood, jasmine, and rich vanilla complete this unique, lovely blend. Perfect for any occasion. 

Coconut Bourbon - Top notes of shredded coconut, Kentucky bourbon, whipped butter, apple peel and peach skin with mid notes of clove bud, Tahitian vanilla and jasmine petal on a dry base of blonde cedar, heliotrope and sheer musk.

Coffee House - Sweet Citron Peel, Caramel Crème, Kona Coffee, Mocha Latte & Brazilian Sugar Cane.  French Vanilla Latte, Brazilian Coffee, Caramel Whipped Coffee.

Confetti - I've gone nose-blind & can't identify the scent.

Cool Water - SEE STUD (below)

Copper Coconut | BBW-type - Fruity accents add shimmer to this summer blend of creamed coconut and sea salt. Layers of musk and sugared vanilla blend with amber for lingering sweetness.

Cowboy - A truly amazing men's fine fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, and sea salt as well as light floral notes of lavender, jasmine, and amber wood all on a bed of cedar wood and exotic musk.

Cowboy Britches - Leather + Black Ice

Cowgirl Britches - Leather + Linen

Cozy Flannel - Fresh Air, Cozy Flannel, Lemon Peel, Honeysuckle, Violet Petals, Green Leaves, Vanilla Bean, White Musk, Blonde Woods.

Creamy Vanilla - A rich and creamy blend of coconut and berries with mid notes of soft butter and mimosa all on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean.

Dark Kisses | BBW-type - Berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and night musk for this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions.

Egyptian Musk | Kuumba-type - Soft white flower bouquet on a strong background of musk.

Fierce | A&F-type – manly cologne.

Flannel | BBW-type - The fresh scent of citrus and green notes atop a floral heart of spicy rose, lavender, violet, and jasmine. Base notes of woods, musk, sweet vanilla, and berry.

Flying Fox | Lush-type - Clean, fresh & Floral top notes Jasmine, Rose, Ylang and Lily of the Valley Type of middle notes Earthy, & Sweet Vanilla type of bottom notes.

Forever Red | BBW-type - A passionate blend of pomegranate & red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum.

French Lavender & Honey | BBW-type - Green notes accent the lavender accord that intertwines with fresh fern and wild honey in this blend. Warm sandalwood finishes the blend.

Fresh Linen - A fresh and delicate fragrance of soft florals and subtle hints of citrus.

Fresh Sparkling Snow | BBW-type - a refreshing fragrance smells like a cool, fruity blend of frozen melon, winter berries, citrus oranges and frosted musk captures all of the season's sparkle and shine. 

Frontiersman - a blend of leather, tobacco and woodsy overtones.

Vintage Gardenia - Powerful, strong gardenia flower.

Georgia Peach ­- A delicious blend of juicy, sweet Georgia peaches, orange blossom and honeysuckle nectar.

Hipster – Velvety sweet cotton candy with caramel anise, soft woods, vanilla, bergamot, mahogany and a hint of soft musk.

Hippie Chic - A soft, clean powdery fragrance blended with the unique woodsy aroma of patchouli. Note: Juanita HIGHLY dislikes the scent of patchouli and, yet, LOVES this fragrance!

Honey Lavender Gelato | Yankee Candle-type - A delightful lavender treat with fresh violet, cool blackberries, raspberries and topped off with creamy vanilla and warm honey for a delectably sweet finish.

Heavenly Honeysuckle | KK's Purple Perfume-type - This sweet honeysuckle scent is the perfect addition to handmade soap, scrub, candles, and bath salts. The notes are tuberose, nectarine, cherry, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and musk.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine - Green foliage blends with sweet jasmine as it intertwines with blooming honeysuckle in this garden blend. Musk and sandalwood create sunny warmth for the bouquet.

Honeysuckle -The scent of fresh honeysuckle blended with notes of bergamot and fresh air accord with a floral bouquet of white lilies, jasmine, and rose buds on a bed of green sprouts and neroli.

Iced Vanilla Woods | BBW-type - Complex notes of lavender, vanilla, woodsy and musk create this fragrance.

Ivory Woods – Top: Golden Sandalwood, Muguet, French Iris.  Mid: Soft Vanilla Flower, Jasmine, Timberwood.  Dry: Tonka Bean, Cashmere Musk, Ivory Oud

Jake | Hollister-type - invigorating citruses and aromatic woodsy notes to blend harmoniously into this fragrant accord.

Japanese Cherry Blossom | BBW-type - A seductive and mysterious floral scent, inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.

Jasmine Vanilla | BBW-type - Jasmine flower, white musk and apple blossom.

Kentucky Bourbon - Fruity, woody, vanilla with musky like background.

Lavender Marshmallow – The sweet scent of lavender and vanilla.

Leather - a manly blend of leather & cedar.

Genuine Leather – leather with a sweet note.

Tack Leather - identical to the leather smell of horse tack.

Leather + Cinnamon

Leather & Lace Leather + Vanilla

Leather & Strawberry

Leather & Black Ice – Cowboy Britches

Leather & Linen – Cowgirl Britches

Leather & Vanilla – Leather & Lace

Lemon Chiffon - This wonderful fragrance is reminiscent of a fresh creamy lemon pie.

Lemon Lavender | Yankee Candle - type - A beautiful blend of lemon, french lavender, and green leafy hints of sage leaf on a base of patchouli and pine needles.

Lime, Basil + Mandarin | Jo Malone-type - Zesty twist of lime with peppery basil and white thyme notes.

Line Dried Cotton - This clean, fresh, and powdery soft fragrance is inspired by the scent of pure cotton linen blowing in the breeze.

Mama Tried - Bright, juicy grapefruit accented by soft florals and blended with sweet berries. This scent is a sweet delight!

Mahogany Coconut | BBW-type - A unique blend of rare mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oak moss.

Mahogany Teakwood | BBW-type - Green, citrus and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes.

Magic in the Air | BBW-type - Green citrusy, fresh, fruity & melon top notes middle notes of Jasmine, rose , lily of the valley, magnolia and apple sandalwood, musky & sweet vanilla bottom notes.

Marshmallow – A smooth blend of creamy vanilla and buttercream.

Midnight Pomegranate | BBW-type - juicy red pomegranates sparkle like rubies in moonlight.  Enticing.  Fiery.  Seductive.

Mystery - the fragrance bottles' name had washed away.  I will describe as best I can, i.e. Mystery - Men's Cologne, Mystery - Floral,  Mystery - Vanilla, etc.

Oak for Men | BBW-type - Red oak, cedar wood and musk blend

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey – A warm and comforting blend of vanilla, creamy milk, and sweet honey.

Pink Sands - the fresh aroma of fruits from citrus types to succulent and sweet watery notes interlace with a floral bouquet of aromatic spices, fresh cut flowers and crisp green notes.

Pink Sugar | Aquolina-type - Top notes of cotton candy, bergamot, Sicilian orange, and fig leaves with mid notes of licorice blossom, lily of the valley and red fruits on a dry base of vanilla, caramel, woodsy and musky notes.

Pink Sugar Berry - Sweet berries wrapped in spun sugar, warm vanilla and amber musk.

Pipeliner – A Masculine leather notes atop orange, lemon, fir resin, petit grain and cardamom.  Middle notes of jasmine, rosemary, rose and lily-of-the-valley.  Base notes of oak moss, vetiver, musk and Brazilian rosewood.

Pomegranate Lemonade - Fresh citrusy lemon top notes with floral middle notes of rose and lily of the valley rounded out by fruity bottom notes of apple and sweet raspberry.

Prince Charming - soft lavender and crushed cardamom blended with sensual oak moss and just a touch of amber rose.

Princess | Vera Wang-type - Fruity notes of apple, mandarin and apricot with flirty floral notes of water lily and Tahitian flower. This playful blend ends with an unpredictable kick of dark chocolate, amber and vanilla.

Pure Country - Cherry, Peach, Sweet Valencia Orange with hints of Jasmine, Amber, Musk & Coconut Milk.

Raspberry + Sweet Mint | BBW-type - Floral Fruity fragrance, Top notes are Raspberry, Lemon, Pomelo and Nectarine, middle notes are Pink Lotus, Mint, Jasmine and Apple Blossom; Bottom notes are Sugar Cane, Vanilla, Amber, Musk and Teak Wood.

Rosemary Mint | Aveda-type - A refreshing blend of rosemary, fresh garden herbs and zesty mint.

Rugged - An exotic men's fine fragrance with notes of raspberry, chocolate, and patchouli.

Rugged Cowboy – The essence of wood, musk, and leather - a great masculine scent.

Sapphire Nights - Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, pink peppercorn, Rose, peppermint, French lavender, Sandalwood, Vetiver, patchouli.

SoCal | Hollister-type - Sensual blend of lavender, fern and aged woods. A finely textured musk accord creates masculine appeal as it blends with hints of precious amber and rich vanilla bean at the base of the scent.

Soft Clean Linen - linen smell.

Sparkling Clean - One of those fragrances that smells great but yet you just can’t pinpoint what it is. This clean fragrance has a hint of apple and jasmine and in just absolutely intriguing from the first breath.

Sparkling Mint Blossom | BBW-type -Top Notes - clean, fresh, peppermint.  Middle Notes - green apple type of fruity & lily of the valley & bois de rose type of floral.  Bottom Notes - woody , musky & amber and sweet cotton candy.

Spoil Me - A sexy sweet blend of sugar, strawberry, raspberry and orange which fade to reveal sensual mid notes of lily of the valley, fig leaves, and barbe-a-papa. The scent finishes on rich, soft base notes of vanilla, amber, musk, and woods dressed in leather.

Spiced Vanilla + Cinnamon - A warm, captivating blend of cinnamon and tonka spices that will elevate any setting. 

Stetson - A warm blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.  Note: Baby Powder

Strawberries & Cream - Fresh cut ripe strawberries topped with cool whipped cream.

Strawberry Fields - Juicy, ripe strawberries blended with sweet sugar and peach and tart green apple. Softened with light florals and greens.

Strawberry + Lemonade

Strawberry Pound Cake | BBW-type - The delightful aroma of freshly sliced strawberries accompanied by warm pound cake with whipped cream is sure to please.

Strawberry Peach Champagne - Bubbly fizzy champagne undertones mixed with sweet strawberries, peaches, raspberries, orange and hints of coconut.

Stud | Cool Water-type - A blend of citrus, lavender, jasmine and amber.

Sugar Daddy - Mouth-watering sweet and sugary followed by a touch of masculine goodness.

Summer Orange - A soft & relaxing citrus blend.

Sweater Weather | BBW-type - A burst of fresh air tingles with mint as it opens this festive blend, Snow covered pine needles are sweetened with winter berries and laced with wood notes that lead to the velvet mossy undertone. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent.

Sweet Lavender - A sweet floral field of lavender.

Sweet Strawberry - The scent of fresh ripe strawberries.

Sweet Vanilla - Sweeter vanilla.

Tobacco + Bay Leaf - Earthy and woodsy! Top notes of bay leaf and fir needle and then leading into a heart of bright bergamot and cedar wood of a sweet tobacco base, this fragrance. 

Tobacco Mint - A smooth rich blend of tobacco and wintergreen.

Tobacco Vanilla - A smooth and sweet blend of tobacco and vanilla.

Vanilla Bean - The aroma of fresh vanilla beans enhanced by top notes of cherry blossom and base notes of creamy vanilla and musk.

Vanilla Cotton - An inviting aura of twilight skies infused with bergamot and orange.  This southern cotton flower is blended with rose, cotton flower, and Muguet in a blanket of Tonka Bean, vanilla, and musk.

Volcano | Capri Blue-type - A delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes with hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens.  Note: Grapefruit Citrus Scent. Kumquat - smells identical.

Watermelon Lemonade - Watermelon Ice, Spring Water, and Zesty Lemons.

Watermelon Patch - Ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day.

Watermelon + Strawberry

Winter | BBW-type - Blend of sparkling clementine, pine needles essential oils and notes of clove.

Winterberry Wonder | BBW-type - fruity blend of red winterberry, ruby apple, sparkling cranberry, camellia blossom & crystal vanilla.

Crisp Air & Winterberry - Iced cranberry, red apple, winterberry, winter crisp air, dry jasmine petals, crimson plum evergreen needles, vanilla, musk.

Sweet Winterberry - blend of fresh berries has magnetic appeal. Fruity top notes lift the green accord that surrounds the mélange of cranberry, raspberry, gooseberry and currant. Sugared musk and sweet vanilla support the fruit sensation.

Wonderberry - A fruity fusion of strawberry, raspberry and wild red currant with hints of juicy pineapple, plum blossoms and pink jasmine.