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The Freshie Box Subscription Details

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Freshie Box is a monthly subscription box delivered to your mailbox, and credit cards are charged on the 25th of the current month for the following month's box delivery.

Example:  January 25th, your credit card is charged for February's The Freshie Box, which is mailed on or around February 1st.

If you sign up between the 1st & the 24th of the month, your card will be charged that day for the current month's The Freshie Box and then again on the 25th for the following month's subscription.

If you sign up between the 25th & the end of the month (EOM), you are paying for the following month's subscription, AND if you want the CURRENT MONTH'S The Freshie Box, it will have to be purchased separately by check-marking the last option:  "+ I want this month's box, for an additional $17," on the sign-up page, above.

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The Freshie Box is a monthly delivery of an EXCLUSIVE freshie design delivered to your mailbox (it's a shape that's exclusively decorated & fragranced only for you, the subscribers).  Hang it in your car & enjoy a lovely aroma all month long, while awaiting your NEW one next month, for ONLY $15 plus tax (TX & WI residents) and ~ $4 shipping, per month. (Bi-Monthly is $16 and Quarterly is $17)

The Freshie Box Monthly Subscription offers you:

  •  Exclusive FRESHIE design
  • Priority order filling - your orders are made/filled first
  • Occasional Bonus Item
  • 25% Discount on the purchase of additional freshies.  DISCOUNT CODE: TFB

YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME - (Discounted Promotional Subscriptions require a 3-month commitment), see CANCELLATION POLICY below.

If every month is too much for you, Fortune Freshies offers The Freshie Box | Bi-Monthly & The Freshie Box | Quarterly subscriptions, also.

Freshies' fragrance last a month+ depending on scent & environment.  Warmer weather and/or heat coming out of your car vent exudes more fragrance.

What's a Freshie?  It's a cute lil' (2.5" - 5" depending on shape/style) air freshener, ideally for vehicles, closets, lockers, campers and any small spaces you can think of, etc.  Freshies are scented with fragrance oils & dyed with pigments for a truly adorable way to fragrance your best life!


By purchasing a monthly The Freshie Box subscription, you agree to an initial AND monthly recurring subscription fee of $15 plus tax (TX & WI residents) per freshie box & ~$4 shipping (this includes a regular sized freshie & a bonus item.)

You accept responsibility for the price of this subscription, as the subscription is recurring and will renew automatically on the 25th of the month & The Freshie Box ships on or around the 1st of the following month.  Example:  Your credit card is charged on January 25th and The Freshie Box for February is shipped on or around February 1st.

IF YOU SIGN UP between the dates of the 26th - last day of the month, you are signing up for the NEXT MONTH, i.e. You sign up January 26th, you are signing up for February's The Freshie Box.

You must be 18 years of age or older to subscribe to The Freshie Box Subscription.  By creating an account & subscribing to this service, you attest that you are of sound mind & body and capable of entering into a legal binding contract and confirming that you are 18 years of age or older.
Juanita Rodgers and/or Fortune Freshies has the right to revise and/or modify the Terms & Conditions at any time, without prior notice.


You acknowledge that all subscription fees are charged automatically on a recurring basis UNTIL YOU CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION.  YOU MAY CANCEL AT ANY TIME, *UNLESS YOU HAVE SIGNED UP UNDER A DISCOUNTED PROMOTION BY WHICH YOU AGREE TO A 3-MONTH COMMITMENT IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH'S DISCOUNTED PRICE, by logging into your account at www.FortuneFreshies.com with the same email address used to purchase The Freshie Box Subscription.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this, please reach out to me, personally: Juanita Rodgers (512) 496-9410 or email: TheFreshieBox@gmail.com.


***UPDATE:  In addition to changing your address in your account, PLEASE eMAIL me TheFreshieBox@gmail.com that you have changed your delivery address - I have to manually edit it in the subscription app***

You are responsible for updating or changing your address, prior to your next month's delivery.  You can update your address by logging into your account.  If you need assistance, please reach out to me.  If you forget or do not update your address & The Freshie Box is delivered to an incorrect address, likely, I will be unable to assist and Fortune Freshies is not held liable for misdirected packages.


Due to the nature of the product, The Freshie Box nor its contents are accepted for return nor exchange.  I hand make & package each freshie, so I'm confident you are receiving a product free from defects.  If an issue arises in delivery, please reach out to me, so that I may contact the USPS. 


Fortune Freshies is committed to excellent customer service, so should any issue arise that needs attention, please reach out to me: (512) 496-9410 iPhone or email: TheFreshieBox@gmail.com

It's a little gift you give yourself, every month, to freshen up your Best Life!