Custom Logo Design Fee +
Custom Logo Design Fee +
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Custom Logo Design Fee +

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Get your company's logo on a freshie.

Here are the details:

1. $200 DESIGN FEE.  This fee is charged to me by my mold-maker.  I pass it along to you, the customer.  The mold-maker, takes your logo, designs it in CAD & creates a form, for which he then makes five (5) silicone molds for me to make your logo freshies.  Invoiced immediately upon order.  Payment required prior to design work being started. 

2. Initial minimum order of freshies (additional charge), quantity (100) one hundred.  Invoiced at completion, but prior to shipment.

3. Colors, you tell me what color you want, I'll advise of what colors I have available to me.

4. Fragrances, those are random.  I fill your order with what fragrances I have cured & ready to make when your order goes into production.  Certainly, you can request a scent, and I'll do my best to accommodate.

5. You provide the highest resolution image of your logo that you have available, via email:

6. I will send you a proof of the CAD design for you to approve.

7. Process can take 12+ weeks or more, so plan accordingly.

8. I keep the silicone molds.  Reorders using the same mold(s) are a minimum of qty 25.

9. I try to wrap this up as quickly as possible.  Provide me with all the info at the beginning & we can get this done.  Though, I am at the mercy of my mold-maker's design/production schedule & I will keep you posted along the way.  Again, see #7.


 - Logo

 - Desired size, I recommend 3 - 5".  Depending on the detail of your logo, you may not have a choice in size - we will discuss.

 - What color(s) you're wanting the freshies to be...

 - Any specific fragrance request?  Otherwise, see #4.

 - Quantity desired.  Initial minimum order is 100.

 - Pricing beyond the design fee listed here, is not mentioned publicly, as it's my wholesale price, email me for details:

11. THIS IS A VERY NEW PROCESS & I AM WORKING OUT THE KINKS/DETAILS, so work with me if something isn't mentioned, it's probably because I haven't experienced an issue that I've had to make a RULE to avoid a second time...

12. I retain the right to make decisions to get this process moving quickly.  My iPhone is (512) 496-9410, I'd appreciate you providing me with yours so that we have multiple ways of communicating (text/email) as going back/forth with details on a custom order can get confusing & I want it clear as possible.

That's it for now.  Until I run into some newfound issue, that I'll make another bullet point for... Again, THIS OFFERING IS SUPER NEW & kinks are being worked out, I'm having to rely on my mold-maker, so some things are out of my control - but if planned well, we should be able to have a finished product for you, one you'll love & your customers will as well.

(Photo is of a logo freshie made for... you guessed it, CarTopia, DeForest, Wisconsin.)