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Freshies | Ho Ho Ho Y’all (m1)

Freshies | Ho Ho Ho Y’all (m1)

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Size | 5”

A variety of decor and fragrances are used.

Fortune Freshies is here to help you with an amazingly scented & décor appropriate air freshener for your vehicle, one that you’re going to love! Freshies keep their area fragrant for approximately 1 month (when kept in the polypropylene bag, they're good for ~ 1 year+).

Originally designed to hang from your rear view mirror, they're easily useable in lockers, closets, bathrooms, cubicles, offices, campers, etc.

161° melting point - unlikely, but can deform; however, will not drip-melt like wax candles.

Do NOT place between windshield & reflective sunshade.

Do NOT place on dash or any surfaces, oils & dyes may stain.

Do NOT eat. Keep away from young children & pets.

Do NOT place freshies in wax burners.

Do ENJOY for approximately a month, often much longer.

If you become 'nose-blind,' to renew your scent, take it out of your space for a day or two & then replace.

Contents | Plastic Aroma Beads, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, Pigment/Mica Dyes, and Decorative Accents & Charms.